Case Study: American Fitness Magazine

Comprehensive magazine redesign for the world's largest fitness educator. BBM&D focused on a leaner, toned display of succinctly written feature copy supported by robust, vivid photography and illustration. Reorganizing the magazine content and presentation from the overall structure to the tiniest detail lent itself to the creation of a more up-to-date, modern look and feel. Focusing on the overall goals and culture of the publication was key in creating the brand screen for the graphic redesign. The sharp, informative, and visually powerful look of the new American Fitness Magazine redesign earned a first WPA "Maggie" Award, and later design work earned more. BBM&D has won five prestigious "Maggies" to date. 

Case Study: Venture Strategies Innovations

Strong brands make the world take notice. That's critical for life-and-death issues like maternal mortality. When BBM&D created the brand for VSI, an international nonprofit dedicated to improving women's health in under-developed countries, we knew much was at stake. VSI's brand had to communicate clearly across nations and cultures. Consecutive campaigns featuring BBM&D-created, award-winning graphic design both online and in print culminated in the development of VSI's 2009/2010 Biennial Report. This concise, informative, and compelling publication made an instant international social media splash, helping to highlight the drug misoprostol in ABC-TV's 20/20 special report on maternal mortality solutions.

Case Study: Interface Children Family Services

Rebranding an organization to speak to multiple audiences can be challenging, especially if the audiences are at different ends of the demographic spectrum. Our solution was to focus on the universal concept of hope. Out of this, we created a striking new logo using the acronym "IF"  From this concept, BBM&D created the marketing theme "if we could change the world". 

Case Study: Gifted Education Communicator

Comprehensive redesign of a quarterly research journal specializing in the field of gifted education. BBM&D balanced the text-heavy requirements of a professional academic publication with eye-catching photography and illustration, reorganizing the flow of information from the masthead to the folios. The new visually sophisticated Gifted Education Communicator landed in the finalist's circle for the Western Publication Association "Maggie" awards.