Responsive Websites: Your Brand, Accessible Anywhere

Smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop. Does your website work well and look great on all of those devices? A BBM&D-created responsive website does just that--literally re-sizing itself to suit any viewport. There's no need to duplicate your content or make a separate site for mobile. When your website is responsive, so is your brand. Brands that are responsive to changing markets and technologies can both anticipate and empathize with their customers' needs, maintaining a solid foundation in service. BBM&D's redesign of the Castle and Gray website emulates the Southern California construction firm's personalized dedication to each of its clients. UPDATE 6/14/13:To review some of our responsive work, please use the links below:

  • Castle & Gray International, Inc.
  • Anacapa Oral Surgery
  • Bruce Labins, Architect
  • Childrens Dental Group
  • Ventura Botanical Gardens