Patagonia outdoor event posters


Collateral material / Website / Signage / Copywriting

“Don’t Buy This Jacket.”

Message: Events for the community

Audience: Consumers

Company: Outdoor wear and gear

Online: patagonia.com

Patagonia holds events that engage their community and are also pretty darn interesting. We help them communicate these events by creating marketing materials that reflect not only their philosophy, but also illustrates the fascinating stories behind each event. In addition to the printed materials, we want to enrich the experience, so we proactively created the PatagoniaPresents website, complete with audio, video, maps to events and sometimes links to purchase books or music. In this way, we can provide a depth and texture that reflects the deeper interests of their audience and expands the experience of the event.

posters for Patagonia events
Patagonia event website on computer and tablet
Patagonia packaging design